About Jana

a German Teacher

Hi, I’m Jana (she/her). I’m originally from the Braunschweig region in Lower Saxony – but since I finished school, the world is my home. As a professionally trained and certified German as a foreign language teacher and online tutor I want to make use of my travels to help you learn German.

Why? Because language learning is more than just a course book!


The origins of Wild German

I have a Bachelor’s degree in German & Pedagogy and a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication and European Studies. After finishing university I started working at the Goethe-Institut headquarters in Munich, Germany where I stayed for a few years as a project manager in the language department. 

As always, I needed some change of location after a while and moved to New Zealand where I started teaching at the local Goethe-Institut in Wellington. In both positions I had such a great time, and met wonderful colleagues and students. Like everyone else, I was very much effected by Covid and my planned 5-months-stay turned into 1.5 years. I started teaching online in addition to classroom teaching which was and still is a great experience. I love accompanying my students on their journey and being part of their successes – may it be an exam, a job interview or achieving the skills to communicate with German speakers in everyday life.

Fun, Modern And Wild

Learning German should be fun and for that we need modern, authentic, real and diverse content – and that, precisely, is my goal! Wild German was founded to offer exactly that kind of content to as many people as possible, and to help you to learn better and with more enthusiasm.

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What makes Wild German so special?

I apply modern, scientific findings, innovative approaches and more than anything, my experience as a student and a teacher, as well as the experiences of my students. I love to travel, be creative, help people, take photos, write, and most recently, make videos. I combine all these things to create content for people who want to learn German – with more than just a course book.

All my content and materials are created from passion. They shall offer what is usually only available to native speakers or advanced learners. Even if understanding the content is easily possible as a beginner, you will still always find a script to work out any problems of comprehension. I am always open to feedback, suggestions and any other comments – just send me a message.

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What you'll find on this Website

You’ve probably noticed by now that there’s a wide range of materials on Wild German. At the same time a few things are still missing. I am aware of that and I am working on it. Please be aware that I am only one person and I’ve only started Wild German in January 2022. Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and always be up to date.

What Students Say


"I had the pleasure of having Jana as my German teacher at the Goethe-Institut in New Zealand for 6 months. Jana is a brilliant and gifted teacher who really understands how to get the best out of people. Jana's biggest strength is her ability to adapt her teaching technique to suit all learning styles. Even during frustrating and difficult times, Jana had a way to keep learning enjoyable. Any student would be lucky to have Jana as their teacher."


"Excellent! I did 3 hours a week for about 3 months. I got on very well with her, I always felt motivated and I noticed week by week that I was improving. Her lessons are very balanced between grammar speaking and writing. I really appreciated the practical advice, for example which book to buy or which homework to do. She also gave me some specific tips for the C1 exam. I would absolutely recommend, definitely another level!"


"Jana helped me with my Telc-A1 certification. She knows the examinations inside out and develops a learning program based on the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Her recommendations on training material were spot on. She made me prepare with a few mock examinations also. I scored very high thanks to her classes. Thank you, Jana :)"


"Jana prepares well for the lessons, targets my weaknesses, and provides me a variety of exercise types so that I am not bored. I was starting to stagnate in the past, as my mistakes were becoming more entrenched, but Jana makes sure that we tackle the root causes so that my German can improve past conversational"


"One of the best teacher I’ve ever had. She’s very nice, organised and has a positive attitude. The course is well structured, full of exercices and everything is well explained. She helped me a lot to prepare interviews in German and I could see good improvement after only taking a few hours"


"Jana's lessons are always well prepared, with variety of teaching materials and exercises. She adjusts her teaching methods to individual requirements of a student and lets you focus on the things that are important to you. I recommend lessons with Jana to anyone who wants to learn German in a stressless yet effective way! :)"


"Jana is a well-prepared teacher for German, who diagnostics the student, and offers a personalized studying path. She is proactive, and works hard to get the best of the students through motivation and kindly explanations. In my case, I got confidence and improvement in my german tone, so thanks Jana! Totally recommended!"


"We’ve been doing classes with Jana since January last year. She’s incredibly thoughtful with the way she manages our learning, adapting it to our changing needs and questions as they arrise. Lessons are varied and challenging but in no way painful! We would thoroughly recommend her”"

Suzana & Adam

"Wonderful attitude and insight! Very detailed planner and comes prepared to teach on day one!"


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