Wild German Community

Do you sometimes miss having people around to speak German with 
spontaneously and regularly?
Real people who are as interested in a friendly and respectful interaction as you are?
People who are in a similar position as you, privately and professionally, and with whom you can learn together – no matter when or where?

Then become a part of the Wild German Community!

Get to know the Wild German Community!

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… waking up and checking your Community Slack channel –
first thing you do is say “Guten Morgen zusammen!“.
„Guten Abend“, is the reply from New Zealand.
That’s Jo! You already know them – and you continue in German:
Today, you’re giving a lecture in German and last night
a couple of questions came to your mind.

A few minutes later you receive several replies and ideas from other
community members – awesome! Problem solved.

Later, you meet up with a community member
for a digital Kaffeepläuschchen (coffee catch-up). In German, both of you exchange opinions and chat: „Was? Du möchtest nach Deutschland ziehen? Da hätte ich ein paar Tipps für dich…”
(“What? You want to move to Germany? There’s a couple of things I could …”)

Easy as that you already communicated in practice-oriented
German for 10–60 minutes, learnt new words and potentially met
a personwho has the same interests as you – everything while living
your busy everyday life, without pressure and stress, with real advantages
and most of all with a lot of fun.

The day isn’t over yet.
There’s plenty of opportunity to make more use of your language skills:
During your commute home, while you’re sitting in the waiting room at your doctor’s, or while killing time when your friend’s running late.

Writing and reading, asking and answering – all the time, and from anywhere. The community is here for you – with voice messages and video calls, with sharing links and files.
A qualified and experienced German teacher is here as well, in case a language related question is a bit tricky.

What’s so special about the Wild German Community?

In comparison to many other forums and social media commentary sections the Wild German Community is not anonymous – all members use real names and profile pictures. We’ll get to know each other during regular live calls:

… and if you have any suggestions or wishes, you’re more than welcome to share them at any time! 
We’ll grow together, so you will find a place that fits your German, your learning needs and your experiences 100 %.

Very important as well:

The Wild German Community is an interactive and safe space to learn German, ask questions and meet new friends.

It is extremely important to us that no form of discrimination, racism, insulting or similar behaviour is tolerated. You can find more on this here. We all deserve to be treated with the same respect, the same friendliness and the same politeness – that’s it. Only by acting like this, can we all study in a fun and relaxing way, profit from everyone’s questions and answers and support each other.

That’s how your week in the
Wild German Community looks like*:

All times are CET
*Subject to change

What exactly does the
Wild German Community offer me?

If you’re thinking now: „Oh, that’s a bit too much for me“, please remember:
All things are optional, nothing is a must.
There are no obligations at all and if you need a little more time before writing and participating, simply start by reading – you can choose the options and opportunities that work best for you. Having fun and feeling comfortable are most important, everything else will come with time.

Is the Wild German Community right for me?

Then you’re not alone!

The Wild German Community offers you a place where everyone participates in a respectful, friendly and supportive way. Here, you’re a part of a real community.

With the appropriate manners nobody needs to stay anonymous – you’ll be able to meet the personal side of people during a coffee catch-up (Kaffeepläuschchen), you can send voice messages, share links and files and participate in video calls.

Your creativity and the diversity of topics have no limits:

In the Wild German Community you can …

Sounds like a community you
want to be a part of?

Don’t wait any longer then and become one of us! Get to know everyone and get started now!

All the benefits in short

Do we fit together?




Then you found the right place for you.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

You’re still unsure?

No problem!

Start with our small membership.

You’ll get access to a continuously growing selection of learning materials for the podcast, travel vlogs and blog posts as well as workbooks for the challenges. Familiarize yourself with the formats, manuscripts and exercises and decide then if you’re happy like this or if you would like to be able to talk to and chat with others.

Or our next Speed Meeting on 17 January 2023 at 8 pm and get to know other people who also want to practice and improve their German.

Some of them are community members, others aren‘t – everyone is welcome and there won’t be any cheeky sales pitches or hidden commitments. We’ll fully use this hour for you to speak German – give it a try!

Maybe you’ll find a language buddy to practice your German with long-term.


You want to make use of your German skills and learn more? Then the Wild German Community is your personal all-inclusive package. Here you find everything: authentic interaction, helpful live calls, a variety of materials. Have a go at everything that will benefit you personally, ask your questions and don’t feel left alone with your thoughts regarding language problems any more. 

If a language course or private tutor is too much for you at the moment or simply doesn’t fulfil your current needs, you’ll find a lot of options and variety you could need in the community. 

The community is always available, you’re never alone! Giving a speech at uni? Exam preparation? Need to talk to the kindergarten teacher? Here you can share your fears and experiences and ask all your questions. 

Of course! There are particular chat rooms and moderated calls as well as learning materials specifically made for beginners. You’re not alone, but you can rather find study buddies and always ask questions. You’ll see: You will be unstoppable!

That depends mainly on your personal feeling. There’s always more to learn and it can be a very positive experience to share your knowledge and experience. Maybe, you’d even like to moderate a live session yourself one day or become a tutor to a beginner. In any case, you won’t be the only one at your level. 

Of course! That is one of the biggest advantages of an online community: No matter where you live, you can participate and engage from anywhere in the world. 

In the community you’ll find a variety of offers: Live chat via Slack, a weekly plan with all live sessions via Zoom, as well as many materials in the Community Space. 

The motto is: All things are optional, nothing is a must. At all times, you can freely choose what you’d like to do and make use of – exactly the way it’s best for you. 

You’ll find all times in our weekly schedule

Start in die Woche / Start in den Tag

If you’re an early bird and you would like to start into your day with German this is for you: In 2x 15 minutes you can chat with another person. You can take advantage of our input or freely talk about whatever is on your mind.  


You need a break from your day or just want to chat with someone? Then get a hot drink of your choice ready, get comfortable and have a chat about your day with another German learner. What’s going really well today? What’s the plan for the rest of the day?  

A1/A2 – Wir sprechen // B1/B2 – Wir unterhalten uns // C1/C2 – Zeit zum Quatschen

Use this hour to talk to other learners with the same language level as you have. Every week there will be a different topic and you can study and practice together in small groups and help each other out. 


Once a month we will have a live Q&A call with a German teacher where you can ask all your questions. You can post them beforehand in the Slack channel if you want to make sure they’ll be answered or ask them live during the call.

The next group call for A1/A2 is on 16 November 2022.

The next group call for B1+ is on  30 November 2022.

Hoch die Hände, Wochenende!

The week is over and the weekend is waiting. In this call you can talk about it with the whole group or in smaller groups: How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend? Which tips do you have for others? What’s happening in your city? Is anyone up for a meeting?  

Übe mit Muttersprachler:innen

An absolute highlight for sure! Every Saturday a native speaker will visit us in our Slack channel and share their day with us. These won’t be German teachers which means they will communicate in authentic German which they normally use in their everyday life!

Should you miss a call, there’s no need to worry. The live calls take place regularly and are available as a recording in the Community Space afterwards. If you have any questions that can’t be answered by the community, write them in the Slack channel so they can be answered in the call anyway. 

Generally, the community is open to everyone – no matter where you live or how much German you’ve learnt so far. You’d only be in the wrong place if you prefer making fun of others rather than helping them, prefer insulting and discriminating to being open and tolerant, or if you generally like to demean everything and everyone.  

That depends on the membership type you choose: 

You can choose the monthly model that can be canceled before the end of each month. Otherwise it renews automatically. 

Or you choose the half-year model: With this model you’re planning long-term and can thus fully concentrate on studying – and incidentally your monthly investment reduces by 20 %.

You can always switch between models at the end of a subscription period. 

If you prefer to start with familiarizing yourself with the formats, manuscripts and exercise materials before engaging with others, the small membership is the best choice for you. This one is cancellable on a monthly basis.

The Wild German Community offers you a personal and safe learning environment, where you can study in a relaxed way and where people treat each other with respect. 

This is why everyone is asked to:

  • Use their legal name (first name or first & last name) or the name they identify with – there’s enough fake & anonymous on the internet. 
  • It would be great, if you could upload a profile picture with your face – so despite being in a digital online space we can see who we are. 
  • Without exception, you treat everyone – no matter their origin, sex, skin colour, creed, sexual orientation, age and all else – with respect, openness and politeness. Should you violate this rule you will have to leave the community. 

The Wild German Community is our core where you find everything: authentic interaction, helpful live calls, a variety of materials and more. This is your all-inclusive package. Have a go at everything that will benefit you personally, ask your questions and don’t feel left alone with your questions regarding language problems any more. 

The small membership offers you access to a continuously growing selection of learning materials for the podcast, travels vlogs and blog posts as well as workbooks for the challenges.

The community is supposed to support all learners individually as much as possible and provide them with a versatile and safe space for learning. Should you not like it, feel free to contact us via info@wildgerman.com and tell us your reasons. We handle your feedback with confidentiality and will take it seriously, because we want you to feel comfortable. If in any way possible, we’ll try to make changes accordingly. 

Should you not be convinced you can cancel the subscription at any time. 

Should it come to this situation, rest assured, we’re taking it very seriously and are on your side. We will check the situation and will ask you to provide us with the information you have about the incident if we haven’t noticed it ourselves already. 

The consequence for the respective person(s) is clear: They will be blocked and kicked out of the community. 

If you were to receive an acceptable apology or similar from the respective person(s) it will be up to you if the person(s) will be allowed to remain in the community. 

Are you ready to meet your future German buddies and become a part of the Wild German Community?

We’re looking forward to seeing you and can’t wait to learn and practice together – let’s be unstoppable!