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The broadest channel: visit the video podcast, watch my travel vlog for German learners, and find lots of tips & tricks for learning German. Visit our YouTube channel here.

Wild German - Outdoors

This video series is based on my podcast “Wild German – Outdoors” but instead of only listening, you can also watch where I am going for my walk to learn German – Sweden, Germany, France and many more countries. The most important information of each episode is included in written form as well, so you can practice listening and partly reading comprehension. Watch my mouth when I say things – the right mouth movements help pronouncing words correctly. Don’t forget to use the scripts and learning materials  as well.

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Wild German Website-41-min

Travel vlogs for German learners

Join me and have a look at all the beautiful places I visit to create authentic learning material. Each vlog has two versions: one for beginners and one for intermediate & advanced learners. This is how we create a connection between what you hear & read and what you see. In these videos I tell you what is special about different cities and countries, what the differences are compared to Germany and you will learn words and phrases that you yourself can use as well. You can also find the scripts for these videos here.

How to learn German?

Are you looking for tips and tricks or even strategies to improve your learning experiences? Check out these English speaking videos. You can also find a lot of information about these topics in my learners blog.


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Intermediate & advanced learners

Here you can find posts about all sorts of animals from all over the world. Each post contains information about the individual animal. The information is compact and many posts have additional learning material available. If you have questions, just ask them in the comments below the post directly.


Beginners & intermediate learners

Quick, easy & potentially a bit random. This content is for everyone. It’s about the little everday life things.

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